Is Trump Trying To Run The Clock?

Although, trying to run – the clock, is, a somewhat – frequently used tactic, by many defendants, former President Donald J. Trump has seemed, to get this, in an art – form! Before he was President, he often used a litigious – strategy, where although sue others, apparently, to deter them, from going – after him, etc! However, whether or not it related to legal actions, against him, and/ or, his businesses, or dependant on actions, he took, as leader from the Free World, it seems like he continues, depending upon this strategy! With, that planned, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 degrees of this, and why, ordinary people, must be concerned about the wide ranging implications, and ramifications.

  1. Suits against him with the exceptional businesses, in New York: Both, the State Attorney General, and also the New York County District Attorney, have investigations, occurring, versus the previous President. The state’s case is really a civil action, as you move the county, does a criminal investigation! He has stated, he must be immune, as a consequence of Executive Privilege, and claimed, these cases are simply just, political, by his enemies. When any claim is disallowed by way of a Court, he, either appeals, or institutes one more! In an apparent try and deter, or, at the very least, delay, AG James’ case, he could be suing her, for discrimination, bias, etc, against him! If, he’s allowed to pull off it, danger is, lifestyle prosecuting any high – profile individual, in the foreseeable future. In his mind, his opinions, agenda, and self – interests, are facts, and anything, is often a fake fact!
  2. Congressional hearings/ stalling: Claiming Executive Privilege, they are informing his former – aides, to never testify! Many have followed his instructions, either, refusing to reply to, subpoenas, and/ or, claiming the Fifth Amendment! If, the Congress canrrrt do this, what are the results to the Balance of Powers, and Congressional oversight, etc?
  3. Civil suits/ actions: When, accused, and sued, he used his political office, to justify, delaying, and/ or, refusing to cooperate! Even, though, the precedent was, otherwise, when President Clinton was sued and accused, and the man was expected to testify, Trump is constantly believe, he could be above what the law states!
  4. Political pressure: Trump is usually a master, of applying, political pressure, if this suits his purposes, and objectives! Who can forget his Republican allies, inside the Senate, who claimed, impeachment, didn’t count, while he was out – of – office, although, supporting his continuous claims, of election fraud (without proof)? Whenever anyone questions, and/ or, opposes him, he efforts to pur extreme pressure with them, because, it seems like, to some large – extent, the Republican Party, continues to be transformed into your Party of Trump!
  5. Executive Privilege/ Power/ Over – reach: While, there is really a need for Executive Privilege, it needs to be used, for matters, of national security, etc, rather than for personal privilege, etc! His over – reach, has extreme, potential ramifications, in to the future, when we fail to address, them, now!

Wake up, America, and remind your elected officials, nobody is above, legal requirements! Will you turn into a more – responsible voter?