Differences Between Republican And Democrats Politics And Policies

My vote doesn’t count! They’re all the same! I hate politics and politicians! How often can we hear someone say, something, similar to this? Anyone, attending to, realizes, plenty of good reasons so may, are turned – off, to politics, and our political system, including voting, but, even though many individuals, both in parties, are undesirable, etc, attempting to seems, as – though, while Democrats, eat – their – own, and lack any unity, Republicans, apparently prioritize, politics, and agendas/ self – interest, over service and representation! For example, while Democrats, put pressure – on, former – Senator Al Franken, to resign, over, what appeared, to become, a nothing – burger, the Grand Old Party members, vote, inside a nearly – unanimous way, even, on issues, including infrastructure, public safe practices, and permitting, excessive vitriol, etc, and refusing to try and do, anything, over it! With, that planned, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 key differences, involving the two main, American political parties.

  1. Accusations in regards to the GOP (Jordan, Trump, Goetz, Nunes. etc), versus, the Democrats (Franken, etc): Despite, repeated, often – significant, accusations against individuals, for instance Jim Jordan, Donald Trump, Goetz, and Nunes, these folks, proceeded, in – office, with no major ramifications, because of their behaviors and actions! For example, while Trump was accused by on the dozen women, for several, sexually – related, crimes, and became President, New York Governor Cuomo, was forced, to resign, on account of lesser accusations, and former – Senator Franken, for truly, apparently – insignificant offenses! It is no – wonder, many feel enabled, and entitled, because, they’ve known, or feel, there is little happen to them!
  2. The Senate Impeachment Trial: Although, President Trump was impeached, twice, because of the House of Representatives, he believed, correctly, there was clearly no way, the Senate, would convict, because, that might require, a substantial, super – majority, and his awesome party, won’t, vote, to convict! How it could, even, be looked at, an endeavor, when, a great number of Republicans, stated, in – advance, before, it even began, they will vote, to acquit! This has, even, to – date, developed a situation, if your former – President, appears, to still, become the prominent part of his political party!
  3. The Policy/ Politics Balance: There has, all of which will always, be, partisan politics, but, in a few priority scenarios, shouldn’t every elected official, put policy and the ones, prior to politics? Why, should something, as horrific because this pandemic, even, after, over 800, 000 Americans have passed away, and tens – of – millions, been infected, remain visible, from the partisan perspective? Why do they will not, make any true effort, to deal with, the horrors, of gun violence, and agree, on the common sense, strategy, to make a difference, with the better? How many more, must die, because elected officials, apparently, be uncaring, and settle for your same – old, same – old, politics, as usual?
  4. Messaging: While Republicans, often, proceed, with unified messaging, which inspires, unites, and pleases, their core majority, their opposition, won’t! The constant differences, involving the so – called, progressives, and moderates, with the Democratic party, where idealism, often, usually get inside the way, of pragmatic achievements, etc, their opponents, often, instruct people, to ignore, what you see, witness, and understand, and, believe, them, instead! How is that healthy?
  5. Political strategy: The GOP dedicated to local legislatures, within the attempt, to shape their political districts, thus to their benefit, ensuring Republican control, using a far – larger difference, compared to actual one! On the other hand, we rarely witness, much unity, in relation to the Democrats!

Wake up, America, because, if your existing, 2 – Party system, seems inadequate, failure to handle this, sooner, in lieu of later, puts our democracy, and lots of of its freedoms, and rights, at – risk! Will you be a more – responsible voter, and demand better, plus much more?