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Tests to get Disability Chronic Fatigue

Research shows that so far, there is no blood test or x-ray that can diagnose this disease called chronic fatigue. This disease occurs due to certain symptoms such as feeling tired, sleepy, feeling bad after a workout, not concentrating, a bad feeling after standing for too long. If you find out that you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is important that you see a doctor for immediate treatment. It is said that early treatment can cure the disease. Upon visiting the hospital, the doctor will ask for more information. So far so good, there has not been found any diagnostic test that can test for this illness. The doctor might order for some tests such a scan, a blood test and a urine test too. They will also request to have all the medication you have so that they can ascertain if any of them is causing your symptoms. They will then ensure that they examine you physically and question you on how you are feeling. They do that so that they prevent an occurrence of any other illness. This article will look at the diagnosis, treatment and ways on how to manage this disease.

You will be shocked to find out that people with this illness tend to also have other health problems such and anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. As mentioned earlier, this illness has no cure. Treatment will include various medications. People with this illness tend to be depressed and there is certain medication to cure this disease. They can be given pain medication too.

Therapy is also very essential for individuals suffering from this illness. There are various therapies that include counseling. When interacting with a counselor, the patient will be in a position to address their issues. The counselor will give them ways in which to deal with the illness. The counselor will ensure that they also touch on family dynamics to see if they can improve them. The second type of therapy is addressing issues with lack of sleep. The patient will ensure that they advise you on avoiding caffeine so that you find enough sleep. The third therapy is exercise. It is important to engage in exercises of low intensity.

Patients will chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can apply for disability benefits. There are policies in which are used to evaluate this illness. The doctor will ensure that they do a simple assessment to ascertain that the patient is indeed having this illness and also assist them in tracking their health status. The doctor will then consider how severe the illness is. Does the impairment prevent the individual from performing their daily activities? If it prevents them, they then qualify. This is an indicator that they should qualify for the disability benefits. The other thing the doctors do is that they will keep reviewing the patient so that they can keep monitoring them to ascertain that they are indeed disabled based on CFS. It might take a while for the doctor to conclude that the patient is indeed having CFS but in the long run, they will tell.

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